Hydra Palace: historic residence and location for events  between Catania, Ragusa and Syracuse

 A historic building in the heart of Francofonte, now reborn as a private property for events in Sicily, between Syracuse, Catania and Ragusa: we welcome you to Hydra Palace.

 Hydra Palace is a magical place with many souls: perfect to transform into a set for video shooting, a stage for fashion shows, a refined setting for corporate events and parties or, again, to become the romantic setting for unforgettable photo shoots.

A location for parties and events near three provinces enclosed in an architectural jewel 

A double staircase built in lava stone welcomes guests and leads beyond the entrance portal to the mezzanine floor of the building which, with its barrel vaults, is only a prelude to the romantic beauty of the noble floor.

The refined composure of the ground floor leaves room for the absolute elegance of the twentieth-century stuccoes that embellish the first floor of Hydra Palace: in short, a versatile location for events in Sicily, which offers organizers the opportunity to recreate the atmosphere best suited to the mood of every event. 

Since its construction, it was immediately clear that Hydra Palace would not be just a property like many others. Its particular architecture soon stood out as an example for other early 20th century creations in Francofonte.

Everything is close and within easy reach. Nothing disturbs too much in the Matrice neighborhood and in Vittorio Emanuele III square, overlooked by Hydra Palace. The neighborhood enjoys the proximity of the Mother Church, the Town Hall, and is kept within the historic center of the town.

The renovation of Hydra Palace: a work for the rebirth of an event location


The complete renovation of Hydra Palace took place at the desire of a citizen native of Francofonte who, as happens to many, left his hometown and then returned with the will to bring home some of the experience gained over the years.

The renovation of this historic Sicilian home was born from the desire to give back to the community a center of culture and innovation, a place where local ideas and business initiatives can find a home.

We wanted to save that linear beauty and update one of the most important buildings in the city to the functional needs of today, taking up the great work of technique and innovation begun by the original builders.

A gentle process, which has made it possible to preserve the original beauty of the structure, its vaults and the typical cement tiles of the early twentieth century, and make it the location in Sicily for photo shoots, corporate events, product presentations, as well as an evocative set for videos. , movies or wedding photos.

The restoration of Hydra Palace, carried out by research work and with the use of competent personnel, aims to be a virtuous example for all the other buildings that surround it, which, like him, deserve to be revalued, reopened and returned to people.