Location for film and music video sets

A location for film shoots and music videos cannot be just any space. Hydra Palace, in Sicily, offers visually impactful environments that immediately catch the eye: unique rooms with a neoclassical style and distinctive elegance, ready to become the perfect backdrop for memorable stories and songs.

A location for film sets with timeless settings

Aesthetic and stylistic coherence guided the entire renovation of Hydra Palace, a historic residence in Francofonte, Sicily, near Catania, Ragusa, and Syracuse.

A meticulous intervention preserved the charm of the location and the identity of each individual room, each with its own unique character. Thus, the historic residence becomes a perfect film set location, where the mood of a bygone era can be revived.

Thanks to its wide variety of rooms and spaciousness, Hydra Palace is suitable for hosting film crews and becoming a versatile set, according to specific needs.

Hydra Palace, the location for impactful music videos

Memorable short films, a few sequences of images to transform music and lyrics into a visual world. In a world where visuals are crucial, a location that offers the right details and evokes emotions is essential in supporting a musical piece.

Nestled in the heart of the historic center of Francofonte, yet sufficiently secluded to be quiet, this event venue captivates at first glance with its elegance and beauty, then definitively conquers with its functionality, becoming the ideal set for the next project.

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