Event Locations in Sicily: One Place, Many Dreams to Fulfill

Beauty and elegance, along with a multifaceted soul, make Hydra Palace, the historical residence in Francofonte, the perfect event location in Sicily.

A double staircase made of lava stone, the luxury mansion’s calling card, leads guests to the entrance portal, where the grandeur of frescoes, the romanticism of barrel ceilings, and the elegant early 20th-century cement tiles accompany the choice of the most suitable corner or room to host all kinds of events: corporate meetings, photo shoots, exhibitions, video recordings, fashion shows, product launches, and presentations.

Overlooking Piazza Vittorio Emanuele in Francofonte, Hydra Palace is easily accessible from Catania, Syracuse, and Palermo, making it the ideal location for events in Sicily that attract guests from different places.

Here are all the types of events in which Hydra Palace can provide a charming backdrop.

Exhibition, Presentation, and Fashion Show Venue near Catania

Temporary art exhibitions, presentations, fashion shows, and non-permanent displays for the launch of new lines are just some of the events that can find the most suitable room within the palace.
In fact, one of Hydra Palace’s main features is its neoclassical-style rooms, each characterized by inspirations and details that make every environment special, unique, and unrepeatable.

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Historical Film Sets and Music Video Locations

Creating a set where the filming of a short film or feature film does not expose it to the risk of historical inconsistencies is not always easy—sometimes, a detail is enough! At Hydra Palace, every detail creates the desired historical mood, and the visual impact it offers can convey a message in an instant, making it the perfect location for music videos as well.

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Photographic Shooting Locations in Sicily

A multitude of rooms characterized by different details but united by great elegance is what Hydra Palace offers as a location for personal or advertising photoshoots.
Couple photos where lovers appear as nobles, surrounded by refined depictions of Love and Psyche, perhaps on their wedding day, or product presentations immersed in a unique atmosphere—this is the essence of Hydra Palace as a photoshoot set.

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Corporate Event Venue

Hydra Palace is an elegant palace available for rental for corporate events, celebrations, team building activities, or recreational events.
In addition to the feeling of being immersed in elegance, the possibility of having catering services with a chef provides an experience of taste that employees and clients will remember with great pleasure.

Is your event just missing a location to become a reality? Contact Hydra Palace and make your wish come true in one of their splendid historical rooms.

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