One Story of Ancient Palace in Sicily

Unveiling History: A Palace Speaking of the Past in Francofonte's Historic Center

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ricevimenti a Palazzolentini a Francofonte SR


The historic palace offers classic-style rooms for events.

Holiday Home

Apartment in an 19th-century palace for a vacation in Sicily, located in the MATRICE district of Francofonte.

Video/Shooting Location

The rooms of Hydra Palace are set up to accommodate professionals in search of new locations.


Plenty of space for installations aimed at art enthusiasts: painting, sculpture, fashion shows.

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What can we tell you?

The entire building is one of the historical elements of the whole town and is about to become a reference point for the revaluation of the Sicilian territory.
Historian researcher
When we first entered inside, we were enchanted by the ceilings that showcased their rich culture and history, and now we are working to restore it all.
I discovered that in Francofonte there is both a beautiful palace to be restored and young individuals who are already working to create value for this place.
Hydra Palace

Location offering


Collaborations with teams to develop innovative ideas for enhancing the local area.


Events to showcase and promote artists who want to express themselves in a historic setting.


Publishing Local and regional writers as well as publishers are invited to showcase their projects and literary works.


Hydra Palace, a central hub for fostering initiatives and sharing its rich history with artists and professionals.

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