“Amore&Psiche” Room

Event Locations for Presentations, Exhibitions, Fashion Shows, and Events

One of the greatest assets of Hydra Palace, located between Catania and Syracuse, is its versatility, offered by numerous neoclassical-style rooms animated by different inspirations and details that make them unique.

A multifaceted character makes Hydra Palace a refined and elegant location capable of accommodating the taste and mood of different cultural events: art exhibitions, presentations, fashion shows, temporary exhibitions for launching new lines are just some of the occasions that the palace’s rooms can enhance and make unique.

From Historical Palace to Art Gallery

Hydra Palace is a luxury residence where every detail tells a story of a glorious past: from the cement tiles on the floor to the stuccos on the high ceilings, everything has been preserved as a testament to the artistic and cultural richness of the place.

From a work of art to an art gallery: this is the evolution of the Palace, which today lends itself to hosting temporary exhibitions and presentations in a prestigious setting, becoming a vibrant center of Sicilian cultural life.

Presenting a book, an art collection, a new clothing line: all these situations have in common the need to convey the uniqueness of one’s creation. The elegance and sophistication of Hydra Palace contribute to this.

Elegant and Functional Location for Fashion Shows and Performances

An event that involves the presence of multiple people, perhaps with costume changes and modifications to the set, requires precise organization and the availability of spaces that combine elegance with functionality and adaptability to the specific needs of the event.

Hydra Palace is the place that makes all this possible, thanks to themed rooms and the double entrance, perfect for facilitating the entrance of models in front of the audience without disrupting the important scenic wall that creates the right atmosphere.